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"Worst Hurricane" Full Title List

Super-big thank you to Sumire, who translated these titles for me.

"Go Go! Manzai!" Studio Capricorn
"The Road to Eden" Studio Capricorn
"Beneath the Sky" Opinion
"A Certain Kind of Girl Power" Avant-Garde
"(I Want to Be/I'll Be) With You at the End of the World" Junkai Kyouku
"One More Paradise" Tri-Han
"A Story About One Year Before Maximum" Crocodile Company
"Saver of Souls I" UDT Maximum
"Peaceful Days" Seekers
"The Mystery Man" Seekers
"A Shady Afternoon" Love-Love Stampede Sisters (LSS)
"The Story of a Fight Even a Dog Wouldn't Join In" Pystol Dynamites
"Memories" One's
"Your Name Is..." Nail Cut Club
"Food Reaction" Nail Cut Club
"When He Put On His Pajamas..." Ii Ka Mo Shinnai
"When He Put On His Pajamas, Continued..." Ii Ka Mo Shinnai
"Your Paradise, My Paradise" Ii Ka Mo Shinnai
"Legato-sama's ???" Puni Puni Saboten
"Legato-sama's Secret" Puni Puni Saboten
"Legato-sama's Exquisite Meal" Puni Puni Saboten
"Vash" Torakichi
"Second Life" Momo
"Tea Time 1" Momo
"Tea Time 2" Momo
"Words and Heart and Tears" Tokyo YuuYuu Tanteidan
"Lost World" Slayers
"Fool's Paradise" Slayers
"On this Planet" Shayoukan
"Before Daybreak" Kuroneko-Dan
"Dead or Alive" Kuroneko-Dan
"The Storm Man...?" Kuroneko-Dan