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"Worst Hurricane" by Various
December 1998 I 225 pages
Size: A5 (5 ¾w x 8 ¼h)

A fat anthology comic, "Worst Hurricane" has 33 stories parodying both the Trigun anime and the manga. Most of the material is humorous, with some knee-slappingly funny stuff like Vash showing off his pajamas, and an hilarious replay of the hot dog scene from "Diablo." There's a little shounen ai mixed in (nothing explicit), and some tragic, touching stuff as well. Overall, a really good read (and terriffic art, for the most part). I've scanned a few whole stories, and some individual pages as well. Special thanks to Sumire, who translated the titles and circle names for me. If you want to see the full list of titles in "Worst Hurricane," click here.

Front Cover
by Nigoshi Toshimi
Back Cover
by Nino Tenko
Front Cover
Back Cover

"Beneath the Sky" by OPINION
Rem stretches, and Chibi Vash calls out to her Ahhh!  Rem!!! REM!  REM!!  REM!!! It's okay!  Rem only fell! Rem and Vash stare up at the sky
It's a tree. Vash curls up against Rem And we return to the present Meryl and Milly show up to harass Vash
Chibi Vash no sooner finds his missing Rem than she suddenly and inexplicably falls to the ground. He runs to her, horrified, only to find out that she just tripped. Vash freaks out--for God's sake, he was scared!--and Rem pulls him down beside her to look at the sky together. Very sweet. Incidentally, this is the comic I used for my layout.

"A Certain Kind of Girl Power" by AVANT-GARDE
Meryl is very frustrated Meryl and Milly catch Vash in the shower, and Meryl has an idea (I swear, this ISN'T hentai!) Meryl asks Wolfwood for his cooperation Meryl directs her subjects
A funny replay of the shower scene from episode 13, with some of the best art in the whole book.

"Rakuen" Replays
from "(I Want to Be/I'll Be) With You at the End of the World"
by JUNKAI KYOUKU and "One More Paradise" by TRI-HAN
Vash, Wolfwood, and tiny floating Godzillas Angel Vash kisses Wolfwood on the head
Vash reacts emotionally, and Wolfwood pulls on his cheekThe beginning of a slightly happier 'Rakuen,' as Vash and the girls get Wolfwood medical attentionVash comes to visit Wolfwood, and a fight over donuts ensues
Apparently, the subject matter of episode 23 is popular with doujinshi circles
--it appears four seperate times in this book (maybe five; I've never seen it, so I may have missed a story)! Here are two interpretations of Wolfwood's death (I mentioned the whole "spoilers" thing, right?).

from "Saver of Souls 1" by U.D.T. MAXIMUM
Rem tells Vash and Knives something, and Vash falls over Vash panics, and Rem acts like a goofball
Another Project Seeds story. Rem tells Vash and Knives something, and picks on Vash a little when he freaks out. She later finds him fast asleep on some pictures he'd drawn. Then some stuff happens, but I'm not sure what, since the art's a little ambiguous and I haven't seen episode 17 yet (damn Pioneer's release schedule!).

"When He Put On His Pajamas..." and "When He Put on His Pajamas, Continued..."
by Ii Ka Mo Shinnai
Chibi Vash in PJ'sPeace n' PJ's
Again, Rem and Chibi Vash in PJ's...Be a good boy, Vash, and remember to share!  You too, Knives!
This is one of those stories that makes Japanese illiterate otaku cry, because you can just tell that the joke would be a lot funnier if you knew what people were saying. In both, Vash is relating an incident to Wolfwood in which Rem is getting Chibi Vash ready for bed (in cute "Piyo Piyo" chick pajamas). As she does, she gives Vash some terrific wisdom nuggets. What, I'm not exactly sure, but I think that in the first, she's telling him not to forget something, and in the second, to share. At any rate, when we zip to the present, we find that Vash seems to have missed Rem's point. And so has Knives. If anybody wants to translate this one, lemme know!

"Legato-sama's ???" by Puni Puni Saboten
The hot dog emerges...What's he doing with that hot dog?!?  Legato, you sick bastard!
The hot dog incident redux.

"Legato-sama's Secret" by Puni Puni Saboten
Vash and Wolfwood enjoy a little snack Until... Chibi Legato:  so Cute he's Scary! WHAT?!?!? WHAT?!?!? Part 2 Rabbit?
Just as Vash and Wolfwood are about to enjoy a nice, quiet snack, they come face to face with the terror that is--Chibi Legato! AHHHH! Actually, the kid just looks at them menacingly, but our heroes' reactions are priceless. Hey, question for anyone currently reading the manga. This is the second time I've seen the whole lil' Legato thing in a Trigun doujinshi. Is this related to the story somehow?

"Legato-sama's Exquisite Meal" by Puni Puni Saboten
Hey, Dominique, What's Legato doing? Yummy snack
Midvalley goes looking for Legato, and finds him sitting in a field eating grass. Again, one of those stories that'd (probably) make more sense if I knew Japanese. Incidentally, "saboten" means "cactus."

from "Second Life" by MOMO
It's cool!  Let's rock n' roll! Dude, Milly is CUTE Eh?  I seem to have pulled the pin...
Vash and Wolfwood are chained together at the ankles, and wackiness ensues as they try to evade Meryl and Milly.

"On this Planet" by Shayoukan
Wolfwood on Angelina II Another 'Sound Life' moment...almost Eh?  Wolfwood?  What are you doing in my hallucination? Hold up a sec... Aren't can I put this delicately...dead? Vash really misses Wolfwood
Wolfwood says something comforting...wish I knew what Wolfwood leaning against his bike, all cool That smile suits you, too Vash in his glasses With Wolfwood's cross
This is my favorite story in the entire book, by my favorite circle (I think they did the front cover, too). Vash seems to be having one of his usual "Sound Life" hallucinations about Rem, but finds Wolfwood waiting for him instead. Sweet, touching, plus the art is really good. I'd be surprised if someone from this circle doesn't go professional.

from "Dead or Alive" by Kuroneko-Dan
My favorite picture of Rem in the bookRude wake-up call
A man in town takes a hostage, and Vash rushes in to save the day.

from "The Storm Man...?" by Kuroneko-Dan
I love the catch Weapon X!  Your mutant healing factor is amazing!
After a similar situation, Meryl and Milly rush in with first aid to treat Vash's injuries, only to see them spontaneously heal on their own. Vash walks off whistling while Meryl tries to reconcile this to all the scars Vash had in the shower.

Random Scans
Wolfwood with antennae (CROCODILE COMPANY) Legato with a different jacket decoration (SEEKERS) I'd like to make the case that this is the cutest damn Kuronekosama ever (PYSTOL DYNAMITES) Exasperated/exhausted Wolfwood (NAIL CUT CLUB) Wolfwood enjoys a smoke (NAIL CUT CLUB)
Chug...chug...(II KA MO SHINNANI) Knives looks menacing, Vash looks scared--I just really like the Zip tone on this one (II KA MO SHINNANI) Usagi Vash runs from Legato-Neko (PUNI PUNI SABOTEN) Legato's finger!  Scary! (STUDIO CAPRICORN) Vash drools in his sleep (SLAYERS)
Wolfwood @ a field of corpses (SLAYERS)
These are all single pages from different stories. I've tried to note circle names in the ALT tags.

For a full list of titles in "Worst Hurricane," click here.